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Anonymous CoW #5: Off topic mom

Hey everyone! Fifth episode is out, and Brendan thinks we were way to off topic. I think that is the point of the podcast! Anyones, Nyan Cat, Dumb ways to die, and Erik’s youtube account are some things we talk about. Which are all on the list. Sorry for any buzzing in background, I know there […]

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Anonymous CoW #4: leak, spin diarrhea!

Gangman kid

The kid in orange is the one doing Gangnam style! Hey everyone! We are trying to get these out on a weekly basis, and it’s working so far! You can see the headphones we talk about, watch Gang fight, the real version Friday, Gangnam style, and Minecraft Style. Also check out leek spin, and Colins Giraffe, […]

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Anonymous CoW #3: Slaughtered by corn juice

Hey everyone, FINALLY, recorded the next episode of the Anonymous CoW is out.  We give you a virtual haircut, slaughter you with corn juice, and other stuff. We talk about a cow sidecar pic, and a squid nasty thing. Remember to subscribe in iTunes, and send me money via PayPal at Contact me at, but don’t […]

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Anonymous CoW #2

HEY HEY HEY podcast #2 is out! We talk about new stuff, my new headphones (they are great, wrote a review here), and just other random stuff extremely relevant topics which will keep you interested for hours. Minecraft server update: server is 24/7, although the ip has changed and it is $5 to get on, […]

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Anonymous CoW #1

So, I started a podcast with me and my friend. It is called the Anonymous CoW, and it is on iTunes. The link to it is: Don’t expect it to be that great, because I don’t know much about podcasting, but in my opinion it’s pretty funny, so subscribe to it and stuff. Currently we […]

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